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About Covenant Defense

The mission of Covenant Defense is to equip Christians to fulfill their covenantal duties regarding self defense, the defense of their families, and those around them in a Biblically lawful manner. As stated in the logo, by understanding the truth of God’s Word (Veritas) the man or woman of God is able to train appropriately (Disciplina) and, thus, provide a lawful defense (Defensio).

So much of the firearms training available today is based upon false evolutionary presuppositions which inevitably result in false conclusions. In contrast to this, Covenant Defense presupposes the absolute Sovereignty of the Triune God and His infallible Word as the sole means of interpreting all things, including self defense.

About the founder

“Resolute defender” is what William’s name means and he takes that seriously. William, “Chris” to his friends, has been involved in shooting sports and all aspects of defensive carry for the past 15 years. He is zealous to help people understand and to get the resources and materials necessary so they can protect themselves and those around them according to the word of God. He is a husband to Jen for 22 years and father to Cassie (18), Savannah(16), Increase(6), and Verity (9mo).

Chris is an NRA certified pistol instructor and an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. Chris also is a Sig Sauer and Glock certified armorer. He is a member of IDPA, the NRA, and the Gun Owners of America.

Left to Right: Savannah, Chris, Increase (in front), Jen, Verity (being held), Cassandra

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