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Foundations of Defensive Carry

Welcome to our Foundations class!

This is our first live range class where the concepts and techniques of lawful defensive carry are applied. This class includes things such as Biblical foundations for self defense, modes of carry, malfunctions, use of cover and more!


Prerequisites: You will need to bring a lunch. Class time is 8 hours. Must take Intro class, Firearms and the Family class, or show certificate of similar training.

Topics covered in the classroom:

  • Biblical Foundations for Self Defense
  • Biblical Foundations for Second Amendment
  • Gun Safety
  • Modes of carry
  • Holster options (men and women)
  • Ammunition Types and Myths
  • WA Requirements for Carry
  • Legal Defense Options
  • Levels of Violence and De-escalation
  • IMO concept
  • Competition as a Training Tool
  • Dry Practice Protocols and Drills


  • Application of the Basics of Marksmanship (stance, grip, trigger, etc)
  • Drawing from Holster (Concealed and Open)
  • Target Engagement from Various Distances
  • When/How to Reload
  • Clearing Malfunctions
  • Use of Cover
  • Difference between Cover and Concealment
  • Loading and Unloading

You will need approximately 400 rounds of factory ammunition for this course.




Age: 18 & older

Minimum class: 3 people

Max class: 6 people.

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